Harbour Ties

by Anti-Everything

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We grew up in the shadow of the city of Port-of-Spain. As we progressed through our various journeys in life, it seemed like the concept of ports and harbours followed us.

They represent the logistical hubs of exchange – exchange of good, ideas, and cultures. On one end, they are departure points and at the other they are arrival points – representing the ideas of travel, journey, and taking on new challenges. They are symbols of labour, struggle, and the creativity, ingenuity and perseverance of the collective human spirit.

For this new short EP, we decided to explore these themes and pay homage to the ports and harbours – both literal and metaphorical – that shaped our lives. We also chose to take on a musical approach based on our hardcore influences and roots.

Harbour Ties is a special record for us, and we hope that you enjoy listening to it, as much as we enjoyed making it. It is not only our first hardcore record, but also it is our first set of material fully recorded and produced outside of Trinidad, and our first record pressed on vinyl.

We thank you for taking the time to share this project with us, and hope that these songs and words can have some meaning to you.

Peace, Love, and Anarchy,



released November 16, 2017

Anti-Everything is a collective crew of people, ideas, and philosophies that cannot be merely expressed anymore in terms of only the sum of the individuals that have made musical contributions. This entity is directly responsible for all of the music and lyrics generated on this record.

For the sake of tradition however, the musical minds behind Anti-Everything include (but are not limited to) - Amir, Alloz, Blinks, Cutter, Jah, Otto, Randy, Syo, Zach, and many others who share our common artistic vision.

Some rights reserved we suppose, but we don’t really care that much; so copy ting, cover ting, link ting...

These songs were recorded, mixed and mastered by Olman Viper at Hertzwerk Studios in Hamburg. Produced by Olman Viper and Anti-Everything.

Much love, blessings, and immeasurable gratitude to the people who made this record possible. Firstly, boundless thanks and love for our brother XDannyXDancenX, who tracked drums on these recordings. Much love and infinite gratitude to Olman Viper and the crew at Hertzwerk for all their support, help, patience, hard work, and of course Ballern! Special big up to Dave from Ulf for being a bredrin, and also playing some small lead guitar pieces on some of the tracks, just for vibes. Special thanks to Maarten Manmohan and the Random Design Studios crew for their technical support.

Big up to Daniel Prieß whose hard work created the music video for the track ‘Profiled’; also much love to Baldur, Alex, and the people of St. Pauli who made that video possible.

Much love to Niccolò Antonello for the amazing artwork used for this record and elsewhere in our missions. Blessed love to Archer for help with layout design, and preparing promotional materials.

Special shout out to Kerstin at Handle With Care who helped us to print these 7” records. Much love to our entire support network in DE, BE, and TT who made all of the logistics of this release possible. Big up to our entire crew and family at Boatshrimp Records.

As with all of our music, this record is dedicated to the memory of Adam Andrew Arneaud.

For anyone listening to this record that wants to lime on an alternate dimension, reach out: antieverythingtt@gmail.com

Priority Bus Route,
Curepe Junction,
Trinidad and Tobago




Anti-Everything Trinidad and Tobago

Punk band from Trinidad and Tobago.

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Track Name: To Strain
Face to face with the reflection
Face to face with the world; hold your head up high
Even if you find yourself, with your back up against the wall

We cannot dishonour
All of the sacrifices, and the promises
That have led to this
Our mission
Our choice to strain

Pushing up against the constraint
When it comes to this, have no restraint
Always decide to remain
Loyal to our choice to…

Screen out the insincere
And never lose sight, of what keeps you grounded
Try to conceptualise, the hopes of your youth, your passion, and your sense of self

As the path may not have signs
The decision is in your discretion
Just remember that there is no turning around
From our mission, our choice
…to strain
Track Name: Profiled
My skin is brown; got a scruffy beard
One glance at me, and some people get scared
It’s not a bomb; It’s just my beer belly

Sittin’ by myself; pen in my hand
Stupid people think I’m writing terrorist plans
Yuh hadda chill hoss!; I’m just doing homework

Side of the road; I’m waiting on the bus
The cops pat me down cuz they think I’m selling drugs
“What’s in your pocket son?”; Officer it’s just a snack!

Then on the bus; I take a seat
But everyone moves away suspiciously
What’s up with that? I thought I bathed today!

I get profiled, wherever I go
Just what I did wrong, I suppose I’ll never really know
I guess I’m guilty of just being me...

I see a stranger, I smile and say “good day!”
They check their pockets, and then scamper away
Oh never mind! I was just being polite!

Then at a store, somewhere downtown
The security guard starts following me around
Cuz’ its obvious, I must be shoplifting!

I get profiled, wherever I go
Just what I did wrong, I tell you I don’t really know
I guess I’m guilty of just being me...

I get profiled, when I leave my house
I never really understand what it’s all about
I wonder why can’t they just leave me be?

There’s no excuse for ignorance!
Track Name: Bun Down Alles
Sitting in the same spot yet another time
It’s a familiar sentiment that I’ve felt so many times before
An emotional sensation, in between inspiration
And feeling absolutely overwhelmed

I wanna bun down everything that’s around
And maybe even do it without making a sound
I wanna bun down everything that’s renowned
Cuz I don’t know how else to react

The modesty of the situation gets you in the end
It’s the youthful spirit whose anger never seems to dissipate
We’re on a non-linear path, and we’re heading for the trash
As it melts into a blurry encore, cuz I really wanna…

…bun down everything that’s around
And maybe even do it without making a sound
I wanna bun down everything that’s renowned
Even though I know it’s all abstract
Track Name: Fair Winds
All hands on deck; this vessel is setting sail
We’ve prepared for years; to confront our fears
As the shoreline gets distant, just a reflection of sunlight in the ocean tides
The horizon never seemed closer; Fair winds and following seas

But will we go on to regret?
It’s too late; the course is already set

As long as this ship is intact, we shall steer further
And when the storm windows back home are shut
We venture into the unknown
And maybe the crew may change, and the memories might fade
But if we swim back now, we will drown

So nah! We cannot regret (this voyage we have taken)
We must go on to accept (this craft anchors everywhere)
The question is now where do we go?
But like dai’z just asking answers
Track Name: Harbour Tides
Bloody hands and calloused feet
Tired faces all worn out
Simple pleasures that go nowhere
This is what we have become

Overbearing daily tasks
Steel-tipped smiles and shattered glass
Massive structures tower above
This place is all you know

So throw the wrench
Black cat emblem
Seize the means
Do not cross the picket line because

This time around, we are obliged to stay and stand our ground

What the fuck are you talking about?
The words you speak - they make no sense
The clouds seem greyer than before
Your assumptions they do not hold here

Some ropes need to be rewound
Before they can tie anything down
Scrape the mud from off your shoes
There’s no noise in the engine room

So sabotage
Then reconstruct it
Burn the flag
For every oppressed body

This time around, we are obliged to stay and stand our ground
This time around, no compromise
We stay and stand our ground

Steadfast, Unified; Proud to swim against the tide


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